Who is the real Cindy McCain”

We know she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hensley and an heiress. 
We know she apparently is unable to tell the truth, much like her husband. 
The Mother Teresa Lie 
Let’s begin with a couple of small things she has lied about — her personal recipes that she “borrowed” from the Food Network.  Now the McCain website has removed the “plagiarized” recipes.  The adoption of the young child from Bagladesh has morphed in recent months — in an interview published on February 3, 2008, in the Sunday Mail, Mrs. McCain stated:“While working at Mother Teresa’s orphanage in the early 1990s, I stumbled upon the most beautiful little girl I’d ever seen,” she said. “She had a terrible cleft palate. She had problems with her feet. She had problems with her hands. She had all kinds of problems.”  “As only Mother Teresa can, she prevailed upon me to take this baby and another baby to the United States for medical care.”   The McCain camp has again had to revise its website and remove yet another lie.  The fact is — Cindy McCain never even met Mother Teresa.  Why the McCain felt the need to embellish is beyond comprehension — the act alone of taking a young child with medical problems to the states and then adopting that child should have been enough.  One has to ask — why wasn’t it?  Why use this child that you supposedly love for political purposes?
The Double Standard of Being a Wealthy Drug Addict and the lies surrounding the addiction
Mrs. McCain was also a drug addict — I say was because frankly I have no idea what the situation is today relative to her drug usage.  She became addicted to pain killers after suffering from severe pain.  That is a tragedy.  What turns the story around is that she “stole” drugs from her own. 
Specifically, she had solicited prescriptions for painkillers from physicians who worked a charity that she founded, the American Voluntary Medical Team. She then filled the prescriptions in the names of her staff.   In fact.  Furthermore, Mrs. McCain was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration after the agency was approached by a former staff member of her charity. The investigation resulted in no charges or prison time for her, and she entered a diversion program. While these records were not made public at the time, Mrs. McCain eventually confessed her drug use when she learned that a reporter was investigating the story.
What would have happened if Mrs. McCain was poor and uneducated — an inner-city drug user?  One must remember, that unlike the poor and uneducated,  she could entered drug treatment at any time she chose — she could have sought the very best care for her addiction.  And, importantly, Mrs. McCain was violating a position of trust by stealing from a charitable organization, using its money and medical expertise to fuel her drug use. Is this not morally more reprehensible than simply purchasing drugs illegally?Mrs. McCain was also the mother of four children at the time she admits to using drugs–between 1989 and 1992. Her children were born in 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1991. In other words, Cindy McCain was using drugs while raising small children, one of whom she adopted while she was an addict. In most states, family services will remove children from a woman who is known to be an active drug addict, and she would certainly not be allowed to adopt a child while addicted.  But apparently our laws do not apply to the rich and famous.

Finally, and ironically, John McCain is a hawk in the drug war. He advocates stricter drug laws, penalties and enforcement against drug sellers. He has had nothing to say about redressing our punitive approach toward drug users. Of course, McCain also supports family values. Yet if John and Cindy McCain were not well-off and influential, they might not have a family at all. McCain’s lack of concern for street drug users contrasts sharply with the support and understanding his wife received.   And, given their supposedly close relationship, why didn’t Senator McCain notice that for three years his wife was a drug addict.  This is rather interesting family values.  But, as discussed below, this family’s values are even more strange.

 Cindy McCain’s Siblings

Mrs. McCain has stated that she was an only child — not that she was raised as an only child.  We know that she was not an only child — she apparently has two half sisters, although little is known about Mrs. Dixie Burd, daughter of Cindy’s mother.  However, the other half sister has spoken out — and we should take heed of what she has stated.  Clearly, Cindy was the apple of his father’s eye.  But he did not totally ignore his other daughter — he was generous with presents and he provided help with putting her children, his grandchildren, through college.

Hensley provided credit cards and college tuition to his grandchildren as well as $10,000 gifts to Portalski and her husband, NPR reported. Portalski also inherited $10,000 when Hensley died in 2000  — a modest inheritance to say the least.  One wonders what kind of person Jim Hensley was — but that’s another story.  Apparently, when Mr. Hensley died, Cindy McCain cancelled the credits cards for her half sister.  Let’s see, the McCain’s are family values candidates — yet, she ignores her half sister.  This says something for those values — or lack thereof.

So, we know that Cindy and John McCain have trouble with the truth — she lied about her relationship with Mother Teresa, her drug addiction and how she got those drugs, her status as an only child, and she cut off her sibling from any additional portion of her sizeable fortune.  These are just a few of things we know about — more keeps coming every day.  Oh, yes, and she refuses to release ALL of her tax information because she is not the one running for president.  Apparently these two live totally separate lives — that may be more true than we know since he never knew about her drug addiction.  We also know that John McCain was a womanizer before and during his first marriage — does that go away?  Or is this something else that is being hidden.  We all know, from the Bill Clinton example, that generally once a womanizer always a womanizer.  Perhaps that is why he did not know his wife was a drug addict — he was too busy elsewhere.


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