Sarah Palin’s alleged ex-Boyfriend, Flirtation Mate?

Brad Hanson, the other man in Saint Sarah Palin's life

Brad Hanson, the other man in Saint Sarah Palin

It turns out  there is a real face behind the salacious rumors about Sarah Palin having had an affair.  His name is Brad Hanson and he is on the Palmer, Alaska City Council.  He is a former business partner of Todd Palin, Sarah’s husband.  The business was allegedly dissolved by Todd after some flirtation between Sarah and Brad. 

It might turn out that none of this is true.  It makes for an interesting “character” study of Sarah.  I wonder if the Republican Party says Brad Hanson does not exist inasmuch as John McCain threatened to sue the National Enquirer for publishing the so-called “affair” of Sarah Palin.


2 Responses

  1. Scott Richter, another former business partner, filed the motion regarding his divorce.

  2. Get your facts straight. The partner who asked for the sealed records is Scott Alan Richter, who went through a divorce in 2007. It may be that he asked to have the records sealed because of the rumors about Palin and he was just concerned about his privacy. Or not.

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