I stand corrected…. however, Sarah is the gift that keeps on giving….

After doing more online research I discovered that the man who asked that his divorce proceedings be sealed was Scott Richter. My initial source of information was incorrect, and I stand to be corrected. I understand he is also a business partner. Sarah Palin has enough baggage to examine without having to print incorrect information.

Librarians who also vote in large numbers are concerned about her allegedly attempting to have certain books banned from the town library. This also occurred in the mid-1990s when she was in her first term as mayor. We have not found a list of said books.

Sarah is given to hyperbole. She has told the “lie” many times about having sold the state’s airplane over eBay. I shop on eBay. Sarah Palin had no success in selling the plane over eBay, so it was sold through another source. The state took a loss on the plane, not the profit John McCain claimed it made.

Her claim that she told the fed’s that her state didn’t need a “bridge to nowhere,” is another lie. She was in favor of the bridge being built until it became a hot potato, so she decided to be against it. She never authorized that these desperately needed federal dollars be returned to the federal treasury. We need to demand that this appropriation be returned immediately.

The good news is that Hillary Clinton is going on the campaign trail on Monday. She is speaking to Floridians. The word is she will set Saint Sarah straight. Hillary’s followers are angry that McCain thought Sarah Palin would be a good substitute. Not so! Hillary can speak eloquently for herself, and she will. Things are about to heat up. Sarah will be on the run this time next week.

Another thing about this woman is her mean spirit. She kept a straight face as she flitted from one attack against Barack Obama to the next. She was an equal opportunity attack dogette, or just plain old DOG.

She’s got half a dozen interest groups mad, the biggest and baddest is that closely-knit cadre of community organizers the world over. Someone should tell her that it was community organizers, more than likely, who cleaned up the messes she has created while in office. She’s cut much needed programs from aid for services benefitting the disabled to teen pregnancy programs. Nonprofit organizations and their community organizers probably stepped up and found services for such groups.

The Republicans praise faith-based organizations but don’t seem to realize that Barack Obama worked for one in Chicago. Yes, he was a community organizer for a church! Is Sarah going to withdraw her catty criticism? I doubt it. She’s too mean. Does Palin know that Martin Luther King was a community organizer, or that the Red Cross and Boy’s Clubs and Girls, Inc. engage in community organizing?

Palin has done a lot of community organizing too, for how else did she gain enough votes and sway enough public opinion to get her initiatives passed? I can’t stand dumb people, and she is one dumb broad.

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