Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally- “Unstable and Unable”

Anti-Palin protesters in Anchorage

Anti-Palin protesters in Anchorage

We’ve heard a lot about Sarah Palin’s approval rates from Alaskans. Yesterday was a different story. While she appeared at her own rally, a protest that was dubbed the “Alaska Women Reject Palin” turned out a lot of people.

The count: 1,500 people. I guess they don’t have large protest demonstrations in Alaska. A group of women sitting over coffee decided to stage the protest. It must have resonated with a lot of folks because word spread over the internet and through the Eddie Burke radio show on KYBR AM in Anchorage. Burke gave out the cell phone numbers of the two principal organizers. They received hostile phone calls but that only galvanized the base of Palin opponents. Burke called the women “socialists, baby killing maggots.” Wow!

Daily Kos ran a contest on the most popular sign from the Anchorage rally:

What’s your favorite sign from the Anchorage rally?
Bush in a skirt
Pitbulls make poor Diplomats
McCain/Palin – Incontinence and Incompetence
Blink before going to war
McCain/Palin – A Blizzard of Lies
McCain/Palin – Unstable and Unable
Bristol Got to Choose – Why Don’t We?
Hockey Mom for Obama
Keep your laws off MY body
Vote Issues, Not Gender
Sarah Palin – Fundamentally Wrong
Wrong Woman, Wrong Message
Blind Ambition Tour
Huskies for Obama

We like “McCain/Palin – Unstable and Unable” which got the largest number of votes overall.


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