Obama as Muslim “Aunt Jemima”

Stereotyped cartoon of Obama as Muslim "Aunt Jemima"
Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does. The Values Voter Summit, that is part of right wing Gary Bauer’s organization had a lot of excitement at their annual meeting last Saturday in Washington. It appears that Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council sponsored a booth that sold something they called “Obama Waffles.” They are packaged in a box with the most disgusting racist stereotyped image of Obama as Muslim and as a black man imitating Aunt Jemima. Now that’s a mind blower. It’s no wonder that these racist Republicans like Bauer and Perkins rushed to put out a press release saying duh, duh, duh, we are sorry, duh, duh, if we were misunderstood, duh…. Right!
From the highbrow New Yorker magazine’s gun toting radical Michelle and Barack Obama to the lowbrow waffle creators. When will they stop?