Go Somewhere And Sit Down…..Baroness deRothschild

Sometimes a rich person will say something that an illiterate, homeless person wouldn’t say. Wealth is not always an indicator for intelligence and common sense. Take the hubbub today over Lynn Forester, New Jersey born, lawyer, divorced, remarried an old dude 24 years her senior from the old line British rich, rich, rich de Rothschild banking family. She was a Hillary fundraiser (about $100,000) and a member of the Democratic Platform Committee, announced she would vote for McCain-Palin.

The first question is “Who the hell cares?” She is so full of herself that she thinks y’all care so the McCain campaign organized her press conference in Washington today so she could tell her “public” why she isn’t voting for Barack Obama.

 “This is a hard decision for me personally because, frankly, I don’t like him.  I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.” 

Yes folks, she said it, but she also did a backhand slap by accusing Obama of being an “elitist”  and he hasn’t given her a reason to trust him (translated in upper class-talk: Obama hasn’t called her to beg her to give her his support and, he is an “uppity” (educated) Negro.)  Give me a break. This came from a woman who is so very rich. Let her tell it she is not an elitist, whatever that means. She tried to explain it to Wolf Blitzer of CNN: “Elitism is a state of mind.”

Madame Lady Lynn Forest Whittaker de Rothschild, who celebrated her honeymoon in the Clinton White House (probably the Lincoln bedroom) is unknown to 99.999 percent of American voters.

Baroness resigned from her post on the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee. I’ll bet she begged the DNC to allow her to resign, after they told her that she’d been kicked off the committee.

Does she have ANY self-consciousness? Does she realize what she said? Rich people think they can get away with saying anything….just make up something….like Sarah Palin keeps making up stuff –lies– on the campaign trail.

For all of her money, the Baron and Baroness titles she and her British husband hold, and English countryside 300-room castle, she is stupid and arrogant,

You know why? Because she is too dishonest to say she dislikes Obama solely because he is BLACK, and she thinks those who bothered to take notice of her endorsement  believe her.  Oh, please. 

I will say it again. He is BLACK, folks. Obama doesn’t fit into her relatively new old line moneyed titled world. I’ll give you another reason she would never vote for a black man. She is probably one of those rich fat cats and fat chicks who had surveyed housing in Washington’s posh Georgetown neighborhood. Lady Baroness Racist had plansto spend a lot of time being a hostess in DC in a Clinton administration. Maybe she thought Hillary would appoint her Ambassador to the Court of St. James. All of those dreams gone down the drain. No White House state dinners. No high access to the private quarters of the White House. No big parties at her Georgetown mansion. Poor, pitiful Lynn. All of her dreams gone down the tube. So, she got in her private jet and went home to her English countryside manor. At least she can be Cindy Lou’s BFF. They can go shopping together.

Oh yes. I hope Barack Obama is one of those 99.999 % of voters who doesn’t know her, doesn’t want to know her, and sees her as a shameless, lying,  attention seeker.

Wish I had the courage of a friend who simply said, “Hoe, sit down.”


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