Who Is Todd Palin? … Power Behind The Throne?

Sarah Palin with her husband, Todd Palin AP photo

Sarah Palin with her husband, Todd Palin

Who is Todd Palin? Who is the “First Dude,” as Sarah Palin refers to her husband? We know little about him (and that’s a fact) even though his head pops up on the stage whenever Sarah speaks. He figures prominently in the Walter Monegan affair in which he is alleged to have complained to the head of the Alaska state troopers that his and Sarah’s ex-brother in law should be fired. Todd has been subpoenaed to testify in the inquiry into the Monegan firing that Sarah carried out. 

Todd Palin is a high school graduate  with, we are told, some college credits.  He’s also the “Mr. Mom” part of the time, getting his children ready for school, cooking, etc.  But the bigger role he plays is sitting in on his wife’s most sensitive staff meetings, and   meetings with legislators and others.  Did he play a role in vetoing line items in the state budget?    One blogger said it’s common practice around the Alaska capitol to ask “What does Todd think?” 

The last thing America needs is an unelected but influential spouse lurching in the background making decisions that will have an impact on American citizens, for which he is not held accountable.  Straight Talk Express Watch will begin to shed light on Mr. Palin.  Readers have a right to know who is this man with a high school diploma who might be the heartbeat of the person who is but one heartbeat away from the presidency.


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