Sarah’s First Interview

Friday, September 12, 2008
It’s Friday Ya Bastids!


So here’s the thing…..any comment we, or anyone in the media, make and a good chunk of America is going to make will be met with “You’re being unfair! You’re ganging up on her! Leave the poor hockey mom alone! You’re over the line. YOU are not a Christian. You’re attacking Christianity itself!”

Think that wasn’t part of the plan when they picked her?


The campaign picks the time and place and the interviewer. Two weeks prep time, Interview airs on a FRIDAY (last day in the news cycle), conducted in Alaska (for home court advantage) and Charlie Gibson.

They completely controlled the playing field.


“Numerous McCain aides are involved in the preparation, and staffers stressed that all under the McCain-Palin umbrella were operating as one unit. Traveling with her and working with the press are Tracey Schmitt and Tucker Eskew. Schmitt worked on both Bush campaigns and ran the Republican National Committee communications shop before leaving a year ago to work for a biopharma company. Eskew is a longtime GOP strategist who was a top aide in the first Bush campaign and later worked in the White House before co-founding his own public affairs firm.

They’ll be joined at times by Nicolle Wallace, the former White House communications director who has served as a senior adviser to the McCain campaign since spring. Mark Wallace, Nicolle Wallace’s husband and another veteran of Bushworld, will lend a hand to Palin by prepping her for the lone debate against Biden, Oct. 2 in St. Louis.

Offering policy counsel will be Steve Biegun, a seasoned foreign policy specialist who did stints as a senior member of Bush’s National Security Council and as national security adviser to former Sen. Bill Frist, when he was Senate majority leader. He’s taken a leave from his position as a government affairs executive at Ford Motor Co.”;_ylt=A

And she still came across as an ill-informed lightweight aping shallow policy one sheets read to her by an actual adult. She came off like a lot of AM radio morning show know-it-alls that I’ve met. People who can pronounce Saakashvilli if you write it phonetically, but can’t pronounce NUCLEAR no matter what you do. A bad radio Hack Host who thrills with their opinion of the world based on NO FACTS. A person, who doesn’t read, doesn’t understand the “interconnected” nature of the world and doesn’t CARE to know. She will hang up on you!

Everything she knows she learned on TV, Church and in CRAM SESSIONS with BUSH STAFFERS.

She was angry, narcissistic, and defensive and way out of her league and this was only CHARLIE GIBSON!

She was the neighborhood Alpha-Female at the kid’s birthday party. Women know that woman. She’s the ‘expert’ on everything from politics to lawn care. The mom who commands the gathering of adults while her children are off bullying the other kids. She’s the woman who tells you when it’s time to paint your house, pull up your tulips, bring in your garbage cans, keeps her dogs in cages, takes over the condo meetings, thinks egging houses on Halloween is a “right of passage”, knows her kids drink and party and is friends with the teenage boys. Hers is the house where you have to tell your teens “NO” to sleepovers.

She was the mayor of a troubled small town stuck 8 miles from nowhere, and a Governor with an Agenda that benefits her and her State alone. Sarah is a one trick pony and the trick isn’t even a new one. Palins’ game is to Fool some of the people ALL of the time and it shows.

But this is NOT The Miss Alaska Pageant. She wants to be the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and she only did slightly better than Miss South Carolina explaining why 1/5 of Americans can’t locate the US on a map!

The real chore is going to be pointing that out without being trashed as the terrible 800 pound gorilla jumping all over the MOM with a charming Main Street aa-k-cent and her Field & Stream folksiness who thinks killing wolves from airplanes is for cool people.

So let me say I’m sorry in advance. I know more about foreign policy, domestic policy, The Bush Doctrine and the Constitution than she does. I am more qualified to be Vice President, but I love my country too much to say Yes without HESITATION knowing I WAS A PIG IN A POKE choice by the Republican Party Apparatchiks.

She wants to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency in an extremely tense and challenging world and a dangerous economic downturn here at home, but serious scrutiny will be met with a Sonny Corleone-style garbage can beating. To the GOP she’s Connie Corleone.

Ask yourself if Sarah Palin has the goods to gain respect from world leaders, deal with financial markets, emerging technology, spy programs, and be the DECISION MAKER in a 9/11 scenario when the President has to be in a secure location.

Does she understand that Iraq had NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11? Does she know why we were attacked on 9/11? Does she understand global markets, trade deals, tax policy, health care, veterans’ affairs, education or the environment?
Does she care about anything other than Alaskan Oil and Natural Gas? Is Alaskan Oil and Natural Gas the solution for everything?
Does she understand the US CONSTITUTION? “Congress shall declare war” NOT THE PRESIDENT.

Yeah, that’s actually Charlie Gibson explaining…maybe for the first time….to our possible Vice President what the Bush Doctrine is.


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