Palin Is Not Ready For Prime Time – Send Her Back To Wasilla

Mayor Sarah Palin's Sarah Palin Needs To Go Back To Wasilla City Hall

Mayor Sarah Palin's Wasilla City Hall

Sarah Palin’s sordid affairs as Governor keep erupting like salmon jumping out of the Alaska waters.  Each day she tells another lie about why she fired the Public Safety Commissioner.  Her latest explanation is  because  he went on an authorized  trip to Washington, DC to try get a grant to reduce rapes in Alaska.  You see, Sarah’s state has the highest percentage of rapes of all the fifty states.  Lying  Lady Sarah said he didn’t have her permission to travel, yet the documentation shows that her staff authorized the trip. 

By the way,  this is the second time that a rape-related event has come up regarding Lady Sarah.  The first of long standing was when she was Mayor of teeny weeny Wasilla.  She implemented a policy that required RAPE VICTIMS to pay for their own forensic rape kits.  The kits cost about $1,500, and were billed to the victim’s insurance. 

If we are to believe her about the chief’s firing, she opposed his insubordination for a trip to get a grant for an AN ANTI-RAPE program!  It reminds me of what a woman in St. Louis said about being raped years ago in St. Louis.   When the police arrived, the cops got angry that she had “wasted” their time by calling them.   She said one cop told her, “Don’t you know that women don’t get raped.  They ask for it because they tease the men.  I’ll bet you were teasing a man and when he went too far, you got mad and called us.”

Could Sordid Sarah be “one of those” who believes rape victims are sultry temptresses?

You will (not) believe this about Sarah:  She cut a deal with the Vice Presidential debate officials.    She WILL NOT answer follow-up questions at the debate.  Have you ever heard of anything like this?  Simple Sarah wants to be Vice President, and President when or if the situation presents itself.  She wants to lead the largest, mos technologically able nation with the largest proportion of highly educated people in the world.  Yet, she doesn’t intend to answer or clarify any questions at the debate that go beyond giving her canned, memorized response.  

You see, Sarah Palin wants to give a short speech for each question she’s asked.  The moderator can’t come back and ask her to clarify what she said.  Senator Joe Biden can’t engage in any back-and-forth with her.  All Sarah will know how to do is  give her buzz words in each answer.  That’s all her tutors can prep her to say because she must have proven a most dumb pupil.  Why do I say this?  Because if she had the background and the quickness of intellect, she would get up to speed.  The fact that she cannot fathom taking follow-up questions means she’s dumber than Dan Quayle, and remember folks, he was DUMB.  

 She can’t learn what she doesn’t have the context for knowing.  She can’t answer follow up quesions because her handlers think she will reveal how stupid, ignorant,  which would have required her to be a lot smarter, more involved for a much longer time at a higher level.  Remember now, she was mayor in that little town of Wasilla a couple of years ago. 

Read what she said to friendly, right wing pundit Sean Hannity when he interviewed her on Fox News. 

On foreign policy issues:

  • “Retreat is defeat in Iraq.”   
  • “What we have got to commit to also, especially when we talk to Russia — no Cold War. We have got to know that our mind-set needs to be opportunity for pressure and diplomacy and sanctions if need be as we keep our eye on a country like Russia.” 

Domestic policy and issues:

 On what’s behind the Wall Street meltdown? 

  • “the corruption on Wall Street,” with no explanation of what corruption she was referring to.

Should the government bail out Fannie Mae and AIG?

  •   “Well, you know, first, Fannie and Freddie, different because quasi-government agencies there where government had to step in because the adverse impacts all across our nation, especially with homeowners, is just too impacting. We had to step in there. I do not like the idea, though, of taxpayers being used to bail out these corporations. Today, with AIG, important call there, though, because of the construction bonds and the insurance carrier duties of AIG. But, first and foremost, taxpayers cannot be looked to as the bailout, as the solution to the problems on Wall Street.”

My Lord, the woman can’t even talk!  “…because the adverse impacts … is just too impacting” 

There are no handlers in the world who can get this woman ready for a debate for the vice president of the United States.  She needs to go back to her house in Wasilla and contimue commuting to her office in Anchorage as she straightens out her family.  She left a lot of problems back there to go on the road with McCain because he saw her as his best ticket to winning.  She is not ready and she won’t be ready.  The learning curve is too high for this office.  She could fool the people in Alaska where she isn’t even doing a good job there despite her 74% approval rating.  All of the recent investigations show she has too many ethical issues to be called an honest broker. 

There is nothing worse than an unethical, dumb “leader” who doesn’t know what she doesn’t know but, nevertheless, wants to be your President!

Sarah needs to go back to the Wasilla City Hall for she is NOT READY for the White House.

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