About Straight Talk Express WATCH

Straight Talk Express Watch

If you want to learn more about John McCain and Cindy Hensley McCain, you will find it here in the days and months leading up to the election. McCain needs to be “demythologized” as Frank Rich points out in the New York Times today. Many media big wigs see McCain as a buddy because he has built a good relationship with them over the years. The kind of relationship where they are invited to his barbecue’s, and where they usually got good, colorful, off the record comments from him. They admire his habit of shooting from the hip, that many mistakenly referred to as “straight talk.” His penchant for cussing out his fellow Senators and Representatives and throwing temper tantrums in Committee meetings or on the Senate floor endeared him to those who like the provebial Rebel. Folks, he’s less a political rebel than a man with an unpredictable explosive personality. the question is, does this country need a president who is so unpredictable and has such rage that he just might go off on another head of state. Stay tuned.

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